March 25

Colour Healing Using Crystal Colour Therapy


Colour therapy is the method of choosing a colour to create the emotion that you seek.
For instance, if you go on a date and you wear a red dress, you are signalling your readiness for excitement. Men wear red ties to indicate their dominance or competitiveness.
In the animal world, dangerous and poisonous animals are often coloured red.

In this way, the choice of the colour of crystals used brings the energy of that colour to aid in the healing.
The colours you choose to where can show you how you are feeling.

Colour healing has been known for many years. In a rainbow there are seven colours.

Red | Orange | Yellow | Green | Blue | Indigo | Violet

The seven colours of the rainbow match the colours of the seven chakras.

Crystals come in many colours and it makes sense to collect crystals in a variety of colours. To have several red or yellows stones in your collection is a good idea. You can bring in colour healing through your choice of crystals in a specific colour. In this way, crystals can be used as an aid for healing through the actual colour of the stones.

  • RED

    Energy, courage, vitality, stamina, fire, passion, glory, drive and inner strength


    Joy, friendship, optimisim, family, loyalty, community and belonging


    Enlightenment, optimisim, decisiveness, honesty, warmth, and awareness


    Renewal, growth, prosperity, good fortune, money and health

  • BLUE

    Trust, honour, respect, faith, acceptance, and purification


    Wisdom, experience, virtue, spiritual mastry and long life


    Intuition, luxury, magick, illusion, destiny, dreams and inspiration


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