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How To Clear and Cleanse Stones


Clearing and cleansing stones is a way to get them back to their original energy. It is a way to recalibrate the crystal energy so the stone is clear again.

When your first get your crystals, it is important to cleanse them from negative energy or from other energy with which they may be charged. Crystals can be cleared for use after they have been touched by other people. It is always advisable to cleanse new crystals. It is through cleansing that the crystal will talk to you.

There are a few methods of cleansing crystals. You should choose the one that suits you best. You maybe drawn to one particular approach or find one that you prefer to do  for one method and use another method for other types of crystals. You will find the technique that suits you. Use your own intuition.

If crystals are left in a drawer and never touched, they will lose their strength over time and need to be cleansed again.

Water Cleansing

Water is a very popular way to cleanse crystals as we associate water with washing. Hold the crystal in your hand and put it under running water. Water from a stream or brook is naturally running. You can also cleanse your crystals at the beach by holding them carefully in the sea and allowing the natural waves to cleanse them. In either water method, hold the crystal lightly without dropping it for at least five minutes.


Earth Cleansing

In earth cleansing, you bury your crystal in the ground. This can be done outside if there is no chance of rain, as you must keep the soil dry. You can use a flower pot in a dry place. Earth cleansing is deep cleansing and it is best done for a period of a full month from the moon to the next new moon, although it can be a shorter time of a week if this feels good to you


Smoke Cleansing

To cleanse your crystals with smoke, hold the crystal lightly and move it back and forth through the smoke that rises from burning incense. Sage, Sandalwood and Palo Santo are good for clearing energy. Allow five minutes for smoke cleansing


Brown Rice Cleansing

Take a bowl of uncooked raw brown rice and submerge the crystals in it. These crystals can be left overnight in the brown rice. Discard the rice after cleansing your crystals. Do not eat the rice as it will hold the negativity and don’t keep the rice for another cleansing.


Sound Cleansing

You can use sound waves and their vibrations to cleanse your crystals. Hold your crystals near a singing bowl so it can feel the vibrations. Other percussion instruments like a drum or a triangle will clear your crystals well. Bells are also excellent to clear crystals. You can ring a small bell or have a few little bells (finger bells) to clear your crystal. Take at least five minutes to clear your crystal with sound.


Moon Cleansing

Moon cleansing is done on the day before, during or after the Full Moon. Place your crystal outside in direct sight of the moon and leave it over night or as long as the Moon is visible. The crystal can be placed for moon cleansing on a cloudy night and it will still be cleansed.

When To Cleanse Your Crystals

Crystals need cleansing at certain times in their lives. You may feel the urge to cleanse your crystal at anytime and as always, use your intuition.

When you first get them
After other people have touched them
After you have not touched them in over a month
If you wish to use them
After you have used them for crystal healing on yourself or other people


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