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Awaken The Goddess Within 31 Day Sacred Journey


Awaken The Goddess Within

March 01st 2022 until 31st March 2022

31 days of self-love work.
Getting to know who you really are.
31 days of working with different goddesses, mantras, affirmations, personal work, knowledge, guidance and wisdom.

held in a private facebook group and you need to be willing to do the work.

Do you have a poverty mindset?
Do you struggle with self-confidence, self-awareness, help speak your truth.
Are you struggling to find your mental clarity and master your thoughts and emotions?

£35per person if you book before 14/02/2022 £55per person after.
0121 5532375

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Awaken The Goddess Within

Awaken The Goddess Within is a 31-day challenge designed to get you into a routine that helps eliminate self-doubt provide you with empowerment, tools and knowledge to find out who you truly are to allow you to be authentic to yourself.

If you have felt called to awaken your Goddess self, you have undoubtedly heard your own loving and urgent call to release patterns that block the direct and fullest experience of your authentic feminine gifts.

As a woman, you are the complete embodiment of the Sacred Feminine Goddess.

Goddesses are referred to in many religions, stories and myths. Goddesses represent true inner beauty, purity, peace, prosperity, fertility, charm and intellect.

Awakening your inner goddess is about finding inner peace, leading an authentic, divine life and empowering your sacred feminine gifts.

Do you want to gain clarity and peace by getting to know the true essence of who you are?

Do you want to experience healing and happiness by fully embracing who you truly are?

Do you want to transform what no longer serves you so that you can create clear goals and paths to create the life you truly want to live?

Do you want to crush your fears and anxieties and move forward as the powerful goddess you are?

Do you want to heal the pain from past experiences and only keep the lessons and wisdom when recalling the memory?

This and much more awaits you on your path to Awaken The Goddess Within.

That is what the 31 days Sacred Journey is about. An invitation to consciously activate your true feminine powers.

The Journey will be held in a private Facebook group starting 01st March for 31 days.


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