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Healing Crystals To Reprogram Your Mind And Master Your Emotions

Your new home for all your spiritual tools. Tools that have the power and ability to enhance our everyday lives.

With the right combination of knowledge, guidance, and discipline, we find we have powerful, effective tools which can heal and transform our body, mind, and spirit.






Healing Crystals

Which crystal should I choose? First and foremost start with your intuition. Which crystal calls out to you? Crystals can be used for all types of healing on all different levels. Every person and their circumstances are unique. Experiment, use your intuition, and see what works best for you.

Crystal Healing Jewellery

Crystal jewellery has become a hit statement amongst the worldwide population. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets. There is a variety of crystal jewellery to choose from.


You can get tumblestones in virtually any crystal type. Because of their smoothness, you will often find these are the types of crystals people carry around with them as they are easy to fit into your purse, handbag, pocket, bra or in your desk at work.

spiritual healing tools

More and more of us are experiencing a spiritual awakening and finding old truths melting away. We are becoming more aware that there has to be more to life. Often we can seek help from our ancestors and spirit guides. Using spiritual tools to help connect with your true self is a great place to start.

They Say

The products are amazing, you can find practically anything you need, and if you can't, the staff are very helpful and friendly.The owner has an amazing aura and she is very knowledgeable, even if you are a new to this world of crystals or experienced but not sure what you ...
Leanne Joseph
The lady who owns the shop and her staff are very friendly and helpful. The energy in the shop makes me not want to leave. I am very happy with my purchases and will be buying some the Crystal Healing Energist again.
Kells J
I bought several gifts for my daughters here. Beautifully packaged, excellent quality merchandise. The staff were super helpful and knowledgeable too. Very happy! Will most definitely be back!
Hopi Grace
I walked into this little haven apprehensive, but I felt something, hard to explain but I felt it.Speaking to Natasha calmed me somehow!I told her about myself, snippets of my life.I had a feeling of some sort of disharmony within my energy, it very often manifested into an emotional, mental ...
Simone Falconer
Fantastic! The Crystal healing energist has a wide variety of Crystal and spiritual healing elements offer not to mention everything is beautifully displayed. They also provide a top notch service, all staff members are extremely welcoming and helpful. I can honestly say they will go above and beyond to fulfil ...
Laken Falconer
Natasha is an awesome practitioner and recommender of things to help heal you. I received an obsidian bracelet from her before this brand and it settled me right down and put me back on the path.She is also an amazing web developer and designer. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough ...
ShadowMourne Technology Solutions
A magical and tranquil atmosphere when shopping in The Crystal Healing Energist shop. Fabulous staff and customer service.. You will be very pleased with your purchases, I'm in love with mine. If you haven't already visited the store there is no time like the present.
Nessa Powell
I made my first purchase via the online store. It was easy to search for the stones I wanted and I found a few to study up on as well. I'm impressed with the speed of shipping; given I'm in the US I expected to wait a while. However, all ...
Candace Howard
First time coming here today and was such a lovely experience. The two ladies were very attentive and kind. Will make this my go-to shop. Can’t wait to go again :)
elle louise



Altar Tables


home decor

smudge sticks and bowls



Providing you with knowledge and tools to help you discover more about a particular situation, emotion, or spiritual matter. Get to know who you are.



Discover the best crystals for healing, and which are suitable for your circumstances or situation. Learn ways to use and connect with your crystals.

Your secret weapon to helping you get back to who you are.

Crystal Healing Re-alignment & Balancing Sessions

There’s no secret to the fact that life can be quite challenging, even at the best of times. And especially in today’s climate of uncertainty, many people are finding it increasingly difficult to stay grounded and focused.

Crystals have incredible abilities for healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Our crystals are able to focus light passing through them and transfer the vibration of the crystals directly to the chakras, allowing your energy to flow freely through your mind and body. When these energy centers are blocked they leave us feeling stuck, frustrated, depressed, heavy and deeply sad.

We use the healing properties of select crystals that can help in alleviating anxiety, depression, and grief.

Note: Positive and healthy energy is an absolute game changer

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